Sintered flux



Name of Item:  Agglomerated Flux LHSJ101  

Executed Standards:  GB/F4A4-H08AMnA; F5A2-H10Mn2; NB/T47018.4-2011;
                       (Equal to: AWS / F7A2-EH14 ; F48A2-EH14 ); 

Specification of flux:
LHSJ101 is a kind of high- basic welding flux with Fluorine-Basicity slag series,
It has good Sulfate and Phosphate removal and antirust ability. The welded metal has good toughness and high anti-

coldness and anti-cracking quality. it has good slag detachability even for the narrow gap and deep groove welding.

Application of flux:
For the combination with the welding wire H08A; H08MnA; H08MnMoA ;H08Mn2.
( DIN 8557 S1;S2;S2Mo,S4 or AWS. EL12;EM12K;EA1;EM14), The flux is designed for welding of low alloy steels for

important products, such as boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines etc. it is also suitable for multiple wire sub-arc

welding, especially for butt welding of large diameter vessel with one-pass on both sides. Also, it can be used for

the quick welding of steel pipe.
The composition chemical of flux( %): Basicity= : 1.6-1.8;
SiO2+TiO2: 15-20;   CaO+ MgO: 25-35;  Al2O3 +MnO: 25-30; 
CaF2+FeO: 15-20;  S:0.03 max;        P:0.03max;    

Mechanical properties of deposited metal:
Yield strength σs (MPa):≥380;
Tensile strength(σb)(Mpa):480-- 650 
Elongation (δ5)%: ≥22 
 Impact Akv ( J ) ( ℃ )  -40℃ : ≥27 ;    
Tested and combination With welding wire H10Mn2 ( AWS EH14); 
Yield strengthσs (MPa):         448; 
Tensile strength (σb)(Mpa):  543; 
Elongation  (δ5)%:         33;  
Impact Akv ( J ) ( ℃ ) -20℃:   61; 67; 51;  
The instruction of usage:
Dry the flux at 300℃ ~ 350℃for 2 hours before use.
Remove the rust,oil and dirt from the surface of welding groove;

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