Sintered flux



Name of Item:  Agglomerated Flux HFSJ101G  
Executed Standards:  GB/T 12740-2003.F48A4-H10Mn2A;       
( Equal to the standards: AWS A5.17. F7A4-EH14; F7A2-EM12K ) 

Specification of flux:
Agglomerated Flux HFSJ101G is kind of special sintering flux with High Basicity2.0,
it is the grey spherical grain, Size of 10mesh to 60 mesh. The welding slag is easy to be removed on the welded position. The welding bead has the high impact tenacity.

Application of flux:
 This flux shall need to combine with welding wire ( AWS. EH14, EA1, EA2), it is designed for making the important steel structure, high strong steel structure, Chemical pressure vessel and nuclear vessel and various steel pipeline such as API pipeline type of X60;X70 pipeline. 

The composition chemical of flux( %): Basicity= : 1.8-2.0; 
Si2O+TiO2: 18~25;   CaO + MgO:28~35;  Al2O3+MnO:23~30; 
CaF2+FeO:16 - 25;  S≤0.023;            P≤0.031;  

Mechanical properties of deposited metal:
Yield strength σs (MPa):        ≥400;
Tensile strength(σb)(Mpa):    ≥490 ~ 650; 
Elongation (δs)%:        ≥22 
Impact Akv ( J ) ( ℃ )  -40℃ : ≥102 ;    
Tested and combination With welding wire H10Mn:  AWS EH14; 
Yield strength (σs MPa):        421; 
Tensile strength (σb)(Mpa):  547; 
Elongation  (δ5)%:         29;  
Impact Akv ( J ) ( ℃ )  -40℃:   76; 78;83;
The instruction of usage:

Dry the flux at 300℃ ~ 350℃for 2 hours before use.
Remove the rust,oil and dirt from the surface of welding groove;

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