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Name of Item:  No-Manganese-Oxide- Fused Flux LHHJ107:
Executed Standards: GB/T17854-1999 F308-H0Cr21Ni10; F308L-H00Cr21Ni10:

 Flux of chemical composition(%):  
SiO2 +TiO2:  25.84 %;  Al2O3+MnO: 24.13 %;   CaF2+FeO : 23.6%;
MgO + CaO:  18.12 %;  S : 0.015%; P : 0.019 %; Others: ≤ 8.0%;

 Application of Fused Flux:
This flux is designed for welding and overlay cladding for the stainlesss steel nuclear pressure vessels and petrol Chemical installation, it is better for combination with the stainless steel strips and wire H0Cr21Ni10, H0Cr20 Ni10Ti,H0Cr24 Ni12Nb, H00Cr26 Ni12,H00Cr2Ni10. 
It is also used for welding and repairing the high manganese steel with H0Cr16Mn16 welding wire

 Description of welding flux:
Flux LHHJ107 , it is a No-manganese-Oxide fused flux with pumiceous granule of blue gray to dark gray color, about 10- 60 mesh in size. It is designed for welding of austenitic stainless steel and is of characteristics with less carbon increment and less chromium loss. 

The Chemical composition of welding bead:
C: 0.05 %; Mn: 1.13 %; S: 0.01%; P: 0.030%; Si: 0.71%; Cr : 18.57 %; Ni : 9.23 %;

Mechanical properties of weldment (LH-HJ107 + H0Cr21Ni10 ):
Tensile strength(σb)(Mpa):583Mpa;    
 Yield strength σs (MPa):    ----------;  
Elongation (δ5)%:   38.70Mpa; 

 The properties of overlay cladding:

The instruction of usage:

Dry the flux at 250℃ for two hours before welding.
Remove rust, oil and dirt from the groove surface completely.
The Niobium stabilized stainless steel welding flux available;

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