Smelting flux



Name of Item:  Medium-Manganese-Oxide Fused Flux LHHJ350 

Executed Standards: GB.T12470-2003:F48A4-H10Mn2;
(equal to: AWS A5.23- F6A0-EH14 , JIS YSF-W41) 

Specification of Fused Flux :
LHHJ350 is a medium manganese-oxide fused flux with vitreous granule of red-brown to light yellow color, grain size about 8~40 mesh (or 14 ~ 80meshes) in two sizes.It is suitable for welding with AC and DCEP, and it shows good Welding ability.

Application of flux :
For the combination with H08MnA,H10Mn2,H08Mn2Mo welding wires,
the flux is designed for welding of low alloy steel (such as16Mn,15MnV ) important steel structures,ships,boilers, high pressure vessels.
The small size 14~18meshes flux is recommended for welding of thin plates.

 Flux of chemical composition(%):  
SiO2 + TiO: 33.3%;  Al2O3+ MnO: 32.7%;  CaF2+ FeO+ CaO: 31.2%;
S : 0.021%;             P : 0.022%;       Others:

Mechanical properties of deposited metal:
Yield strength σs (MPa):     ≥380 
Tensile strength(σb)(Mpa):480-- 650 
Elongation (δ5)%:     ≥22 
 Impact Akv ( J ) ( ℃ )  0℃ : ≥27 ;    
Tested and combination With welding wire H10Mn2:  AWS F6A0-EH14; 
Yield strengthσs (MPa):       410; 
Tensile strength (σb)(Mpa): 549; 
Elongation  (δ5)%:        30.0;  
Impact Akv ( J ) ( ℃ )  -20℃:  77.40; 
The instruction of usage:
Dry the flux at 300℃ ~ 400℃for 2 hours before use.
Remove the rust, oil and dirt from the surface of welding groove.

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